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Kyou Kara Maou Günter Fan Club
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The purpose of this club is that all of you Gunter Fans can come together and share your art, fanfics, wishes desires and your general love for this wonderful man!

This is the community dedicated to Gunter von Christ, one of the wonderful characters of Kyou Kara Maou. *Of course by this I mean the most wonderful *cough**
Fan arts, scans, icons, videos, banners, fanfictions as long as they include Gunter or have mention or insuinuation to him are very welcome.
This community is a very shounen ai friendly community. Keep this in mind if you are thinking of joining. If you feel offended by it don't join and save us all the pain.

Basically the rules are simple, your posts must be about Gunter.
Let's chat about him, writing what we think of his relationships, and so on.
Discussions are highly appreciated.
Fanfictions are welcome, as long as Gunter is part of the character lists and he -should- be at least remotely a main character.
Every pairing that includes Gunter is more than welcome.
No bashing other people (of course you won't^^)
No bashing any other KKM character.
Any post longer than 3 paragraphs (about 5 lines=about 15 lines) should be put under lj-cut, this includes fanarts and if you made a big number of icons, make sure you lj cut them^_^
For fanfictions, lj cut is essential. See below for posting guidelines.
Sharing is always, gladly accepted and allowed, however, since KKM is licensed in some places, if you share episodes, or songs, please f-lock the entry.
F-lock can be used also in other posts, it's up to you.
A little off topic and chat (especially when replying on comments) is of course allowed, just be sure to bring the discussion in some other places if it becomes too long.
Comments on entries are loved, so spread the love and tell your fellow posters your thoughts so they can feel good! *Praise each other and Gunter *grins**

Rating: (if the rating is R - NC-17, please post why it received this rating following the rating letter i.e. extreme violence or explicit sexual content or non-consensual sex)
Pairing (if applicable):
Genre: (Humor, angst, action, romance, etc.)
Chapter (if applicable): (if your fic happens to be a one-shot, please comment on that here)
Comments (if applicable): (give a brief summary of your fic here, or post a link if it's already posted somewhere else, etc.)
Title (if applicable):
Rating: (see above)
Pairing/Character (if applicable):
Comments (if applicable): (art techniques, or just a little comment on the picture, what inspired it, etc.)

Maintainter:anrui_no_tenshi For questions, suggestions, ideas, or if you need any help, feel free to email at hoaki_chan@yahoo.com
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For questions, reclaims, suggestions, ideas, or if you need any help, feel free to email at hoaki_chan @ yahoo.com I will get back to you asap, normally in a day or 2. Feel free to drop a message on my livejournal anrui_no_tenshi if I seem to not have replied in 2 days.